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Rise and the Start of Animals, Biography

January 13, 2012

In NUT, Alan Price was a excellent organ/piano/keyboard player who had his band called “Alan Price R&B Blues Combo”, It was joined by Eric Burdon in 1962 as a vocalist, The other band members included Hilton Valentine as guitarist, John Steel as drummer, Bryan Chandler as bassist. They got there name Animals for there wild and raw live performances, Because of the british invasion in 1964, there manager Giorgio Gomelsky adviced them to settle in London, They Started performing there favorite tracks which were mostly the cover of American R&B artists. They signed to Columbia and soon released there first song “Baby let me take you home” in March 1964, Producer was Mickie Most. On June 1964 they got there first number hit through a traditional song “House of the rising sun” in which Burdon showed off his powerful vocals and Price did some ideal organ solos, It was there only #1 hit in UK and US, they are known to be pioneer of folk rock because of that record.

After arriving to America in November 1964, Band performed in Ed Sullivan’s Show, They gained a good amount of success and popularity in America and kept having live concerts, where they would play the cover of there idols as well as there original compositions, “Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood” would chart at #3 On May 1965, Alan Price quits the band because of his personal reasons like he was feared from flying, Mick Gallagher replaced him and also contributed in writing songs, “We Gotta Get out of This Place” became #2 hit, “Animalisms” from 1966 ranked at #4 becoming there biggest album as a hit.

Note:- We will be updating this page as much we get evidences about more points regarding this band.


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