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Welcome to the Fansite of The Animals

Welcome! Animals is regarded as the one of the most important and influential band of 60s or 2nd most recognized after Rolling Stones in terms of R&B and Blues, Beatles were regarded as rock band, While british invasion was concentrating on the blues and american music, Animals were doing same as well as adding a different sound whether it would be with organs, vocals having high notes, traditional sound they made a huge impact, Being the 2nd band after Beatles who scored a #1 hit in US,

They got inducted into Rock Hall in 1994. This is the tribute for pointing out there greatness.

Rise and the Start of Animals, Biography

In NUT, Alan Price was a excellent organ/piano/keyboard player who had his band called “Alan Price R&B Blues Combo”, It was joined by Eric Burdon in 1962 as a vocalist, The other band members included Hilton Valentine as guitarist, John Steel as drummer, Bryan Chandler as bassist. They got there name Animals for there wild and raw live performances, Because of the british invasion in 1964, there manager Giorgio Gomelsky adviced them to settle in London, They Started performing there favorite tracks which were mostly the cover of American R&B artists. They signed to Columbia and soon released there first song “Baby let me take you home” in March 1964, Producer was Mickie Most. On June 1964 they got there first number hit through a traditional song “House of the rising sun” in which Burdon showed off his powerful vocals and Price did some ideal organ solos, It was there only #1 hit in UK and US, they are known to be pioneer of folk rock because of that record.

After arriving to America in November 1964, Band performed in Ed Sullivan’s Show, They gained a good amount of success and popularity in America and kept having live concerts, where they would play the cover of there idols as well as there original compositions, “Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood” would chart at #3 On May 1965, Alan Price quits the band because of his personal reasons like he was feared from flying, Mick Gallagher replaced him and also contributed in writing songs, “We Gotta Get out of This Place” became #2 hit, “Animalisms” from 1966 ranked at #4 becoming there biggest album as a hit.

Note:- We will be updating this page as much we get evidences about more points regarding this band.


Some words regarding what actually influenced Animals.

After getting inspired by Beatles or anyone, Animals  became one of the first british invasion band, but its always been noted that The Animals had a deep interest in Rhythm and Blues, Blues, Which would later make them one of the most soulful group of UK, They have cited there influences as John Lee Hooker, Jimmy Reed, Elvis Presley, Chuck Berry.

All songs of The Animals

We have tried to get the number and the names of all those songs which were recorded by the Animals, we have collected about 111 of them, here they are:-

A Girl Named Sandoz
All I Do
Around and Around
As the Years Go Passing By
Baby Let Me Take You Home
Be Mine
Beautiful Newborn Child
Bird on the Beach
Blue Feeling
Boom Boom
Bright Lights, Big City
Bring It On Home To Me
Bury My Body
City Boy
Colored Rain
Darkness, Darkness
Don’t Bring Me Down
Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood
Eric Burdon – Woman Of The Rings
For Miss Caulker
Funky Fever
Gin House Blues
Gonna Send You Back To Walker
Good Times
Gotta Get It On
Hallalujah, I Love Her So
Hey Gyp
Home Cookin’
Hotel Hell
Hound Dog
House of the Rising Sun
How You’ve Changed
I’m An Animal
I’m Crying
I’m Dying (or Am I)
I’m Gonna Change the World
I’m In Love Again
I’m Lookin’ Up
I’m Mad Again
I’ve Been Around
I Ain’t Got You
I Believe To My Soul
I Can’t Believe it
I Put a Spell on You
I Used to Be An Animal
Inside Looking Out
It’s All Meat
It’s My Life
Let the Good Times Roll
Letter From the County Farm
Many Rivers To Cross
Memphis Tennessee
Mess Around
New York 1963/America 1968
No Self Pity
One Monkey Won’t Stop the Show
Orange and Red Beams
Paint it Black
Power Company
Ring of Fire
River Deep, Mountain High
San Franciscan Nights
See See Rider
She’ll Return It
She Said ‘Yeah’
Sky Pilot
Smoke Stack Lightning
Spill the Wine
Squeeze Her – Tease Her
Story of Bo Diddley
St. James Infirmary
Sweet Little Sixteen
Take It Easy
Talkin’ ‘Bout You
That’s All I Am to You
That Ain’t Where It’s At
The Black Plague
The Girl Can’t Help It
The House Of The Rising Sun
The Immigrant Lad
The Last Drive
The Man
The Other Side of this Life
The Real Me
The Right Time
The Story of Bo Diddley
The Way it Should Be
Tobacco Road
We Gotta Get Out of This Place
What Am I Living For?
When I Was Young
White Houses
Winds of Change
Worried Life Blues
Year of the Guru
You’re On My Mind

Top 5 songs of The Animals

We have selected the best 5 and most recommended songs of The Animals

1. The House of the Rising Sun. (no doubt).
2. Please don’t let me be misunderstood.
3. Baby Let Me Take You Home.
4. See See Rider.
5. It’s My Life.

Photos of The Animals

A few pics of the band together:-